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Come in, kick back and explore the weekly postings of Digressions of a Dilettante, a web site that aims for nothing and rarely misses.

Experience a twilight zone of absurdity, a parallel universe of Flash Fiction. It’s a place where disregard of decorum offends the stoutest sensibility ~ a place where hyperbole blossoms from the compost of parody.

Amble through the archives of a vast landscape of mental malfunctions, with titles as diverse as:

  • The Epidural
  • Search for the Holy Grill
  • Waiting on Comcast
  • Angola State Prison Rodeo

Lurking inside are over 530 vignettes of inanity, most humorous, some serious, some outrageous and some with a decent message. Falling through the cracks are those that simply shove truth over the edge of credibility.

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Bud Hearn