Waitin’ Around

Have you ever wondered how much time is squandered just waiting around, for something, anything or nothing at all? Shocking!


What better way to pass a rainy Sunday afternoon than making up limericks?  Beats crossword puzzles. Here are a few from a brain of nonsense.


I’m waiting to see what’s about to go down

No way to figure it out.

Just wait for a sign

A limerick to rhyme,

And ready for a good walkabout.


I’m waiting around for the demon to give ground

And head for its bottomless home,

And give me some space

There’re still dreams to chase

I’ve gnawed my nails to the bone.


We’re waiting around for Moses to come down

And plead to the Pres for us all.

We’re tired of the masks,

It’s too much to ask.

To hell with the axe, let it fall.


I’m searching for apps to give me a clue

To help get through the pain.

My joints are aflame

I’m out of lidocaine

It can drive a sane man insane.


I’m waiting around for the music to stop

I have my eye on a chair.

The Dow soars too high,

I’m afraid it will die

My stash is just mostly thin air.


I wait no longer for fame to arrive

It’s much too late for that.

My moment of glory

It’s the same sad story

I’ll soon have to pass the hat.


I’m waiting around for my ballot to come

To save me from standing in line.

If I didn’t know better

I’d blame the weather

But Pelosi has her own plan in mind.


I’m waiting around for the smoke to clear

Common sense to enter the fray.

Common jobs are praised

Common ground’s not a grave

And skies are not cloudy all day.


I’m waiting around for truth to be found

And experts are sent back to school.

We’ve followed their guise

It’s a full pack of lies

It seems we’re the greater fool.


I’m waiting around with my ear to the ground

To hear what’s coming my way.

The rumble is loud

It comes from the clouds

I think He has something to say.


I’m waiting around for moods to calm down

And give us some space to breathe.

When attitude turns mild

And puts on a smile

The mobs will cease to seethe.


I’m waiting around for mountains to move

And water gets turned into wine.

When all lives matter

Cuts through the chatter

Consensus will be easier to find.


I no longer wait for my ship to come in

For wishes all to come true.

For lately it seems

They were all only dreams

And ghosts were my motley crew.


I’m waiting around for the sun to go down

When the blue neon light sets the hue.

I head for a brew,

I hope to see you

And talk about life all anew.



Waitin’ around…what better way to let things just sort themselves out on their own? They always do. Enjoy yourself in the process.


Bud Hearn

September 14, 2020